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This question is for a 1992 Buick Century with a 3.3 liter engine which my parents own. They have done some detective work and figured out they need to replace a cooling fan sensor, but they don't know where it is...spent a considerable amount of time opening it up only to find that it was not in the location they thought it was! They do not have access to the original manuals (this was bought used) and thus I have been commissioned Chief Googler, but I have been unable to find much online about it. :banghead: That's a GREAT smilie. Anyway...any idea where the cooling fan sensor might be located? That was the phrase they used...perhaps there is another name for it I should be searching for? If you need more information about the car to answer this, let me know and I can get it. Thanks,

-- Joren

posted by  Joren

some car have two sensors.. an ECT and one for the fan. some cars have one ECT goes straight to computer and the computer activates the fan.
urs have one.. coolant temp sensor that goes to computer.. then computer controls 2 relays.. a low and a high speed .. most coolant temp sensors are near water pump.. that car is a black and yellow wire.

posted by  thongsai

In addition to the fan sensor, it may be a good idea to check the fan itself. Many times on older cars the fan won't turn on because it has bad bearings and just can't turm. (The fan is usually easier to find than the sensor.) All it takes is a thin stick or such to see if you can turn the fan blades. On a good fan, the fan will spin very easily. On a bad fan, it may turn hard or not at all. A bad fan can cause the relay contacts to overheat and fail. I like this test because it is free!

posted by  ErnieIII

Sorry I did not reply; I was away for the week. My family managed to fix the problem on their own, apparently the same day I was making that post :doh:. It turned out the sensor was located near the alternator, and that there was only one to deal with. The fan works just fine now with that part replaced. Thanks anyway for the help!

posted by  Joren

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