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Ok heres the story. I have an 83 shelby charger with a 2.2 Liter motor. I have had the engine rebuilt. About 300 miles after the rebuild a nut fell into the motor. Since then the head and piston have been replaced and the cylinder was sleeved.
THe machinist didnt boil the block after the machining. I'm not sure how much he did clean the motor.
The motor has sat for... 2 years in the back of the car. The rod caps and pistons and bearings have all been sealed and show no sign of rust. The block however didnt fair so well. The cylinders have rust (not all the way around). The sleeved cylinder is beatiful though. One bearing surface has a tad of rust as well on the mains.
I am planning to clean the engine myself and hone the cylinders. Should this be enough to prep this block? Do I need to pull the oil galleys? I am assuming the machinist would not have gotten a bunch of filings in it. Is this safe??
I am planning to get some sand paper and lightly sand all the sealing surfaces and gently sand the rust that is on the main bearing cap. I am going to hone the cylinders and then wash the block with tide and simple green. I am then going to coat the cylinders and all rustable pieces with motor oil. The block paint is pretty good still but I might do some touch up.
Does everything here sound good?

posted by  uwfalcon

A motor that has sat that long should be torn down and at the least re lubricated. The con rod and main bearings by this time have long since dried out. I would also remove, lubricate and check the cam bearings. Don't forget to remove and lubricate lifters and rockers, in general ensure all serfaces are well lubricated. A dry engine is a dead engine...

posted by  inmavt2

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