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I bought a new 2004 Honda Civic, and found there is a problem after 1000 mile. And hope someone can help.
When driving at about 20-30mile/hr, I feel the wheel slip, like pulse (imagine like the clock needle jump), not smooth, no noise during continuous turing. It
seems not happen at higher speed, cannot feel after parking the car and turn the wheel. MY neighbour also feel this, but not the dealer. Is it the steering pump problem? Thanks for your help and sharing.

Have a nice day .

posted by  Thomas1

Does the vehicle have Speed Dependant Steering? If so, it may be the steering wheel position sensor.

posted by  MogulViper

Maybe your car is posessed by ghosts.

:thumbs: j/k

I have no clue, never heard of such a thing.

posted by  Black Hatch

I have the same problem with a 2002 Civic!!! Exactly the same thing! A friend told me to try "bleeding" the valves in the steering pump by driving slow, turning all the way to the left plus an inch (an inch after you think you can't turn anymore), all the way to the right, do this a couple of times and see if it works. If not, we might have to replace the steering pump.
Thing is: my civic has 33K miles and is out of warranty (more than 3 years) and it's not supposed to give this kind of problems so early... I'm disappointed with Hondas... :-(

posted by  mcesteves

don't give up on honda, here are a few things i have found about the civic. the car does not come out of the factory with a wheel alignment, so doing a 4 wheel alignment is good (est cost 59.00 at dealer or 50.00 at alighnment shop) if you use the brake a lot in stop and go or high speed driving like i do then come to a stop and park, the disks warp quiet easy. took approx 7k miles and my front end was wobbling on a mild turn or if i stepped on the brakes at 60 mph + i thought i would loose the front end. if it is the front disk, change over to brembo disks (70.00+) and thermo brake pads.(49.00 front only) i've got 10k on now, with the alignment, no shake, wobble, smooth, stops super fast. if you're mechanical, you might change it your self, not hard to change.

posted by  doug wong

+1 on the speed-dependant steering. Those sensors will cause a pressure fluctuation and cause the little jerk you are feeling.

posted by  PeteC

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