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Hello, I'm new to these boards, but first and foremost I have a question.

I have a 94 Ford Tempo (It's my first car) and whenever you are idling, it idles really really hard, and makes the car vibrate violently. Someone said something about motor mounts but I'm not too sure, I was just wondering if anyone could help me. It's been going on since I've had the car which was about 2 years ago.

Thank you.

I'm sorry I didn't include this earlier, but it's an automatic, 2.3 liter I-4 engine, 4 door. It was my grandparent's car, so I know the history pretty well. It hasn't taken on any major repairs. All that has been done is a battery replacement and changed the tires.

As for my mechanical experience.. well, slim to none. However, the high school I go to has one of the most advanced auto technology programs in the US and I have some friends in there so something can be done I'm sure.

posted by  saxydrew

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