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I am new to the whole car moding thing. I recently got a new car and I am wanting to install an under car lighting system. I don't know what to get, LED or neon. I know some of the pros/cons about both but am still unsure...
I don't live in the city and I drive on some gravel roads every now and then. Any in-site on which to get would be appriciated. Please give me some of your own experiences with LED and neon lights. Thanks

posted by  Kirellon

i think u should get neon cause they look better n they r shock proof, water proof n should have warinty with it

posted by  jay_51

i was under the impression that they were illegal.



posted by  83camaro

I personally would go with Neon, i have tried the Blue LED round lights, they work just fine, but once it rains, or you go thru puddles or drive on the highway.. they get water in them. The problem with LED's is that when they run the wire into the plastic harnass, they don't seal it with anything. Definately go with Neon, you'd be much happier :)

posted by  Jediah

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