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I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about what could be the cause of my little problem...I brought it in last week when the engine would slow down (sounding like it's ready to stall) after it is warming up, and the rpms would fluctuate.

they let it sit to get cold overnight, but it didn't do it while it was in the garage, so they said my belts looked worn and replaced them.
I asked about the timing chain/choke/spark plugs/ they said they could not see a problem
The van was cold when I started it today, and the same problem is back. Van starts no problem, goes into high rpm's and then slows and has an hi/low sound (fluctuating) and a new probelem showed up: after it turned off the van completely, the engine made sputtering clacking noises, like the van still wanted to run

don't want to drive it even to the shop!

Has anyone come across a problem like this or similar so I can have a point of reference...I'm not sure how much the garage knows about it (canadian tire)

Any ideas..i've scoured the web and looked for answers...some person to person feedback would help so much


posted by  draken

I forgot to mention the van is a 1 ton automatic 3.18 carburator with about 120000 kms. It has had regualr oil changes, new rear tires, and those belts I mentioned. As I said, the car seems to act up more when cold, but I don't want to risk taking it out of the droveway and getting it on the raod if I'm not certain it should be driven. Thanks

posted by  draken

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