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I own a 1991 pontiac firefly 1.0L, 3 cyl, auto transmission. The car runs great when cool or just starting up. When its up to temperature and in either drive or reverse it idles very sluggish and the rpms are way down. It doesnt matter what the weather conditions are outside. It stalls only sometimes but the car shakes pretty bad. In neutral or in park the car is a bit better but still a little rough. Its had a full tune-up including cap, rotor, wires, plugs, fuel filter, air filter, pcv valve but it was doing this before the tune up. Its progressively been getting worse. Oh, it burns a little bit of oil as well, im not sure if that could have anything to do with it. about a quart every 1500-2000 miles. I appreciate anyones advice or input on the problem, id like to ry to fix it myself. Thanks, Kenny.

posted by  kenscoz

ive been having the same problem in my 91' honda civic lx 1.5... actually a few days ago i changed the plugs and rotor, and my #2 cylinder.. second from passenger side.. spark plug was covered in oil, while other 3 were dry..

this is caused by a bad valve cover gasket, which i've been told by 3 people.. which causes it to idle like crap, and lose power and burn oil. I brought it to a honda dealership and they said that a had a bad valve cover gasket, which was causing me to lose oil presure, and lose h-power. After they replaced it, my car ran really smooth, and increased power and gas mileage.. i would consider looking into that..

btw, when you press on the gas to take off, does it hesitate bad, or sometimes jerk or die?? if so this is ur problem.. easy fix..

good luck..

posted by  Jediah

oh yeah.. and i had to replace one of my piston rings.. that was the major prob, it was causing my car to burn oil, and one of my spark plugs were saturated in oil

posted by  Jediah

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