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Ok my friend has a prelude, i think its a 1999 or 1998, im not sure i could be completly wrong, its the front wheel drive, all wheel sterring one.

Everytime i jump in this car, I feel so damn comfortable! it just has such a nice feel to it, So i was thinking that i would buy this same model prelude for my first car.

BUT, its front wheel drive, Im a newbie at the technical stuff with cars but i would like to eventually get into the drifting scene, and i heard that front wheel cars are extremly hard to drift in, and ive just heard that front wheel cars generally just suck..

Ive also heard that a fwd can be turned into a rwd, Is this true ? and do you guys no if it will cost a fortune or not ?


posted by  NÖvÅ-XÅctÖ

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