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I would love to get my 83 Accord back on the road(4 cyl, auto). Problem is im not getting anything at the fuel pump. Fuel pump works directly to the battery. I even get a positive light at the FP fuse. Ive change out the relay, oil pressure switch, and all wires seem intact. Im not an electrical genius so i would appreciate it if someone would point me in the right direction. Thanks for any help.

posted by  chevojr

There is an impact switch located somewhere in the vehicle, check the owners manual for it's exact location. This switch cuts the power to the fuel pump in the event of an accident. There has been the odd ocasion when this switch can be set off by closing the door to hard. If this is the problem it is an easy fix, simply just push the reset button located on the top of the switch and you are back in business. Hope this fixes the problem...

posted by  inmavt2

ur fuel pump gets power only if it gets a signal from ignition coil. check the blue wire at relay for voltage during cranking.

posted by  thongsai

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