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Ok I found out that the water pump isn't my problem. I have a freeze plug that's this leaking. How do I loosen the serpentine belt? What's the best way to remove and replace the freeze plug? :banghead:


the serpeitine belt should have a tension pulley, it's a round plastic pulley that isn't connected to anything.. you can use a wrench well 2 wrenches if ur doing it that way, or rent a tool to pull it one way, to loosen the belt.. the tensioner is what holds your belt tight by spring.. ask someone u know how to do that.. i could explain it a lot better by mouth then online

good luck!~

posted by  Jediah

thanks, i don't know anything about buicks, i was just tryin to give a little heads up .. i'm a n00b to this forum :hi:

posted by  Jediah

My brother has a 2000 daewoo lanos. I changed the timing belt on his and you need a special tool. I ordered his through the local GM dealership. Be careful when you change it. don't even tap any of the sensors or you'll be replacing them. the sensors are very delicate. It's best if you take it to the dealership and let it be their headache. It'll cost around $500 but it's worth it.

posted by  moparboy

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