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I'm having a problem with my 94 Toyota Tercel. It starts and runs just fine when the air outside is dry, but when it is humid out, I have to crank it for for 2-3 minutes before it will turn over and start. After I get it started, it will run rough, especially when I give it gas ( I have to rev up the engine before I can first put it into gear, and when I shift, or it will kill). After it gets hot, it will run like normal.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

posted by  FREEZEDADDY

When it is dry and humid out, try to prime your car before starting.. i had to do that with my old truck.. when it was humid out, i have to turn the ignition to the "on" position to get the fuel pump going.. normally to prime it, you do that 3 times, after that it should run fine.. that would also explain the rough running, because it's lacking fuel.. i would consider checking the fuel pump, or checking the fuel filter.. those are my only sugestions..

good luck!~ :)

posted by  Jediah

your problem most likely lies in your ignition system...cap rotor & wires. The humidity can cause short circuiting which can lead to the problems you are talking about :2cents:

posted by  LCRedneck

Although unlikely from what you've described, it would be worth spraying some wd40 on the spark plugs and on the leads to and from the dizzy.

posted by  r_i_c_h_1

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