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I have a 1995 2 door coupe, Buick Regal. v6 3.8 liter. I have a pioneer deh-p4600 cd player that I want to put into it, anyone know how to get the stock tape player out of the panel?

posted by  apaulo

crowbar? :hi:

posted by  Jediah

a friend has one a little newer than yours. hers is a 98 and all you do to pull the stock tape player is pull the 2 screws in the ash tray. yours may have a couple of screws on the side panels also. once all the screws are out. pull on the dash it is probably held in by those dinky little panel locks. you know the little plastic ones that are so may also need a standard screwdriver

posted by  moparboy

you can do it , put your back in to it. frist look for any screws holding cover in place. they will be under dash close to seats. make sure you have the instil kit that takes up the excess space unless you have a fat face cd player. make sure you have the correct wireing connector for your car. theres mostley only one for that year car but some car do need special ones. also there are clips that hold the cover plate on and do need some force to take off, but be sure screws are out. good luck oh yeah once you get that high powered pioneer installed you will probley need new speakers ! if you think your speakers are bad ,they probley are and could harm your sound chip in that pioneer. but if that happens talk to me becouse i do repairs :thumbs:

posted by  donaldnjamie

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