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Hi, just did something stupid. I was trying to install a hood deflector onto my Corolla 2005. The screw driver bit fell out and drop into the engine. (Not into the engine block - it has cover)I, of course (I am a newbie) freak out. I move the car and check the floor, found nothing. next day I drive to garage (no strange sound) and have them check, nothing. I am just wondering, since I am not very familar with the machinic of a car, is there any moving parts of the powertrain that might get stuck with the bit? (about 5 cm long) the machinic of the garage told me that all moving part is covered. But I just want a second opinion.

Any help is appeciated.


posted by  wkl_lau

I wouldn't worry about it.

posted by  theman352001

i've dropped bigger things into the hood of a toyota, nothing went wrong.. everything from oil caps, to cigarettes, to screws, oil plugs.. nothing has happened... i wouldn't worry about it, i'm sure it has fell out by now.. with acceleration and braking and bumps and stuff..

posted by  Jediah

I've lost 8 bits, 2 bolts and numerous washers in my engine bay and nothings happened yet. heres some words of wisdom.never set an open toolbox on your engine.

posted by  moparboy

it most likely got lost in a grove on outside of car, i did a head gasket on a 3.8 and thought i droped something in the block becouse once i started it it ratteled and klanged, ( i forgot to tighten down all the rocker arms, and all i had to do was put some more push rods in it,to fix my mess up) but if you dont hear no noise then dont worry.

posted by  donaldnjamie

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