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I have a 99 jeep Cherokee Limited. It is a great car except for one wierd problem. About 1 in 5 times the air-conditioning doesn't work. Sometimes it will even blow hot air when the a/c is on. If I leave it on it will go to working in anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Man, it has been SO HOT here that those are the worst 5-15 minutes of the summer. Anybody heard of this , or have any ideas? The jeep place wants some crazy ammount of money to pull the dash out to get to it, I guess it was my hope that it was a little more simple than that. Thanks in advance

posted by  wbarton

That's a mighty hard call online. Too many unanwered questions without being able to check it out. My only suggestion is avoid the dealer and take it to a qualified independent tech.

posted by  vwhobo

i'v seen the same problem a few times. what i have found is the blend door actuator goes out. so even with your a/c on your still sucking in hot air from out side.

posted by  (o) (o)

It might just need charged. I don't think is a thing you can tell or do anything about it yourself. You just need to take it to a shop.

posted by  muddy4x4man

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