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I just got an used 03 zx2, automatic trans, and I've notice that is shifts alot. And when I mean alot I'm talking anytime i let up on the gas and then step on it again. For example, I'm driving 60 on a highway a car infront of me is going 55. When I let up on the gas to cost to 55 then step on the gas to continue at 55 the car downshifts runs at about 2600 rpms then it shifts and drops to about 2300 rpms. This is really anoying in traffic. I've also notice when I have it on cruse and I go down a small hill it will downshift and rev up about 300-400 rpms. I told the techs and they said there wasn't a problem. Thoughts? It's still under warrenty and it only has about 5000 miles on it. It's going to drive me nuts!!

posted by  spafun

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