99 dodge stratus rear ended with engine probs

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Make: Dodge
Model: Stratus/4dr
Year: 1999
Engine: 2.4L DOHC

I was at a complete stop on the freeway when I was hit from the rear at around 20 miles per hour. After the rear-ending incident, I pulled back onto the road, and within a few minutes, my engine started smoking and the engine stalled. I've kept good on my end, having regularly scheduled service tune-ups and oil changes every 3,000 miles.

My question is this. My repair shop isn't sure that the two are related. The engine has normal coolant and oil levels. I checked them after pulling over. I believe the rear ending and the smoking of the engine after I got onto the road are related. The force from the impact surely traveled from the rear end to the front end. I'm wondering if the engine may have jolted more because it is FWD and I was stopped with the brakes on (the brakes, cv axle?, transmission & engine are all connected). Could this have caused a water pump or oil pump to suddenly fail, resulting in complete engine failure?

My car repair place says I need a new engine and it is going to cost over $4100.

Any comments on if the rear-ending could have caused this engine failure would surely be appreciated.

posted by  jayk61

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