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I have a 1975 Chrysler Cordoba that has been running strong for 28 years now but suddenly decided to quit! I was gone on vacation and my car needed to be moved. Upon opening my car, it was discovered to have a dead battery. My dad tried to jump it, and the lights inside came on and the clock began to run again (old mechanical clock); however, when the key was turned nothing would happen. No ignition buzzer, no lights, no starter response. It all appeared dead. My dad decided to let the battery charge a little longer, and when he came back to the car he said that the cab had smoke drifting through it. He said it did not smell like burning wiring though (we're both mechanics and adept at detecting electrical fires :p). He immediately disconnected the charger and before too long the battery went dead again. When I returned from vacation, I tried to start my car, along with jumping it and everything I could think of. I didn't see any smoke, but I also noticed that my horn didn't work either. It almost appears that all functions on my steering column are dead. I checked under the dash and didn't see anything burned. At this point I'm stumped and have no idea where to go. I really am not wanting to tear the dash apart till I get some suggestions.

Thanks Oh So Much!!!

posted by  CordobaMan

I read your post three or four times before typing this reply. Here's the part that really catches my attention. You state that you and your father are both "mechanics". If that's the case why are you in a forum looking for answers instead of diagnosing the car?

Oddly enough sitting here in front of my computer I can't see your car, you can. I also don't have any idea what you looked at under the dash, you do. I haven't tested your battery, checked your charging and starting systems, or looked for any obvious damage. And I'll bet you haven't either. When you have a path to follow, if you still need help, I'll be happy to try.

posted by  vwhobo

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