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Hey everyone i'm looking for some answers about a power steering issue with my 2001 grand am. last night while I was doing donuts in the snow I heard a loud clunk. Seconds later I had no power steering. The car is still running fine with that exception. When I got home I popped the hood to find out that the accessory belt is in tact. I then checked my p/s Reservoir to find that it was filled but the color of the fluid was no longer red, it looked like motor oil with ten thousand miles on it. I guess what i'm wondering is, is it possibile to "blow" your p/s pump? or do I have another issue. When I heard the the noise from my engine compartment the car was sliding sideways in a huge parking lot at about 20 miles an hour and the engine was only at about 2500 rpms. Thanks

posted by  brokendwngt

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