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I have gotten this idea in my head that I would like to rebuild an engine. I have expeience working with cars and mostly just chasis parts and replacing things under the hood but I wanted to try something more. I have heard that a lot of the Chrysler 2.7L engines fail prematurely because the timing chain fails. I understand that this is an interference engine and that it will likely require the head to be rebuilt and possibly some of the pistons repalced. I have read that the cause of this is possibly that there is bearing failure and that the oil pressure drops which causes the timing chain tensioner to lighten up and this ultimately causes the chain to become slack and everything goes down hill from there. I have a warm garage to work in and I don't mind taking the time if it is something that I can do. What I wanted to find out was if anyone had more information or new where to get it for this engine. This is a project that I would really like to tackle and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

posted by  wizzyb82

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