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During the summer my car runs perfectly fine in terms of heat. Doesn't overheat, doesn't underheat. (eh?)

Come winter if I hop on the highway the car's temp gauge drops to the 'C' and cold air comes out the heater vents. Driving around town under 40-50mph is fine, but any higher and my temperature drops dramatically.

What I have done so far:
1) replaced thermostat
2) replaced coolant sensor
3) replaced water pump
4) flushed radiator w/ dex-cool

What can it be & what could I possbily do to diagnose this!?

posted by  deadBird

I know this is a cheesy soultion, but try and place a piece of cardboard in front of your radiator to stop the cold air from cooling it. Just don't forget to remove the cardboard when things heat up again, and keep your eye on your temp.

posted by  diggerdoo

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