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I just bought a set of interior neon lights for my car. and i would like to harwire them in to it but i dont know how . it came with the adapter to put it in the cigerette lighter but i dont want all them wires just hanging right there . can someone pleaze tell me how to hardwire them to the car?

posted by  talongod33

A good trick would be to run a fused 12v power wire off of the fuse box thats under youre dash this wire to just behind cigirette lighter. then ground a wire by attaching it to bare metal like behnind a bolt or something that connects to the vechiles body/frame run this wire in the same fasion keeping in mind the shorter the ground wire the just cut the 12v cigirette adaptor off and mate youre power to power and ground to ground connections ..make sure that power and grounds are not swiched up..usualy the power cord on the cigerette adapter will have a white stripe down it or writing on it. keeping in mind that all connesctions should be crimped and shrink rapped or taped to make for a better install. It sounds a little confsuing but let me know what u think...

posted by  99hatch

thanks dude i m goin to go try it now :thumbs:

posted by  talongod33

I agree with the solution, except the power doesn't have to come out next to the cigarette lighter, just take it straight to wherever you're putting the lights.

posted by  windsonian

Did you happen to notice that this is a month old and chances are he has already done what he was going to do?

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

yes i already did the neon lights then took em out when i sold my car :laughing:

posted by  talongod33

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