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At least I hope they're small =)

1.) The front speakers are non-functional. I doubt they'd be blown out but not the back ones?
2.) The alarm keeps going off for no reason.
3.) The car is leaking oil.

Any advice on these? =( I love the car, I just wanna get these kinks worked out.

posted by  ThirdeYe

well to answer your questions in order

1.)a/ is it a stock or aftermarket stereo?
b/ have you adjusted the fader so that the front speakers are receiving all the power? ( stupid I know but I gotta ask)
c/ you may have the wires either disconnected or broken
d/ your stereo is broken get aftermarket. they are not too difficult to install

2.) can't help you sorry

3.) where is the car leaking oil from? to find out you will have to clean the engine and then run it to find out where the oil is coming from. after that it is just a matter of getting the appropriate gasket to deal with the leak

posted by  LCRedneck

It's a stock stereo. When I move the fade to front, nothing comes out of the front speakers. The guy at the Nissan dealer said the speakers were bad. I'm gonna be replacing the front speakers. As for the leak, it was a gasket seal (about 90 bucks), and they didn't deal with alarms there, since it was an aftermarket alarm.

posted by  ThirdeYe

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