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Hey, hopefully I can get some help for this..
I drive a 93 Ford Escort Wagon, the other day while I was headed to the movies with my girl the car started shaking badly, thinking it was a flat I slowed down and drove the 2 blocks to my house. When I got there the tire was fine (front passenger side) So I figured it was the breaks. The next day I tried to drive it to work and as soon as I hit 40MPH it started shaking again.
(No shudder or pull in the wheel, and as soon as I slow down to 25 I can speed up to 39 with no problems.) I got it up on a jack and took the tire off, it looks like a piece is broken off, but I'm not sure the name. Its coming from the top of the car and connects (well used to) the flat part next to the wheel (toward the inside) it looks like a hole is there that I can get it into, but don't wanna try anything without getting advice on HOW first.. Or maybe I need a new part? I would like to not have to pay the mechanic to fix it if its possible to fix it myself. (I replaced my ball joint on my drivers side front wheel a few months ago)
Any advice on the parts name or anything??

posted by  Jonnyboy182

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