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Pontiac Grand Prix SE, 1995, 3.1 liter.

My engine has been overheating. The other day I started my car cold and within 2 min. it was overheating. I parked it and noticed coolent pouring out from under the car. Opened the hood to find coolend splatter around the belt system. It looked to be coming from the water pump so I replaced that. Still overheating.
Next, I replaced the thermostat and it's still overheating.

What should I try next?

Seattle, WA.

posted by  Rowen

I had the same problem with my Eagle I went through two radiators. Your best bet is to just replace the radiator go to a wrecking yard and buy one depending on what car its probably gunna be fifty bux but thats it make sure they have a return policy that saved my ass a couple times when i got a bad radiator from them mine had a hole in it and then the second one the top metal piece was slightly off so i just got another and now the car works great minus the stalling problem but i have yet to figure that out? :banghead: so there u go

posted by  eaglefromhell

Check radiator cap.

Have a leak down test done on the water system.

Worst case is a cracked head.

posted by  Wally

after replacing the water pump , then t-stat did you use the air bleed valves
that are located on the t-stat housing and the heater hose by pass pipe
when refilling that cooling system you must open the air bleed valves so that the air can escape out of the cooling system. you will not have any coolant
flow if you have a air pocket in the system. this would be the first step .

posted by  RJ Lund

i had the same problem with my car...

i know exactly what it is...ok check the water pump if that cracked water getting out..

antifrezze in engline .....your going to have to get that fixed...w.e u do dont drive your car

its a big fix and cost alot......doint drive it bec u mite crack the head gasket like me......

go to a mechanic and if antifreeez got ionto your enigne that meaNS your spark plugs are ****ed so u will ahve to replace them

posted by  CHERRIO

Hello out there"

I'm having a heck of a time with this 3.1 liter v-6 I have changed
the water pump the thermostat twice worked the bleeder valve
ran leak sealant throughout the system and still this darn thing
still runs hot any more suggestions ? I'm ready to push this car
off a cliff.

posted by  maddmike

i woulda said rad cap not holding pressure or has airlock, good call wally

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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