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Hi everybody my name is Alex and I just procured a 1980 AMC Eagle with 95782.7 miles on it but the engine was replaced with the 258 from '87. Well the problem is my engine just goes caput randomly it seems i think it might be a carb problem so I'm rebuilding it but I just want to make sure before I waste my time doing such if it is something else. I have already read that they have problems in the cold and it is DEFINETELY cold here. But even when it is within operating temperture it still caputs. Is there anything I can do on a budget of a "sixteen year old with no job" to help the engine and hopefully get more horsepower out of it. Plus where can I get another alternator for it cause I think this one is going out.

Thanks Everyone,
Alex via Salt Lake City,Utah

posted by  eaglefromhell

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