GAS getting into the tube where the dip stick iss:@:@

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hi...i have a 96 sunfire...and im having a problem

ok does anyone know???plzzzz helppp

i went to get an oil change today and the guy doing it said my oil on the dip stick smells like gas and he told me to get it looked at

what could be the problem to this..????
my car still runs good...nothing came up on the dash bord or anything

could anyone post advice if u knowwwwwwwwwww thankssss!!!1

posted by  CHERRIO

could it be something else rather then it just u can smell it im wondering what else could be the problem????

posted by  CHERRIO

it sounds like you have oil blow by which means you'll need new rings in the distant future. have a compression test done. pray a whole lot.getting your engine rebuilt won't be cheap.

posted by  moparboy

so... did he mean the new oil that he just put in smells like gas? i think not, he probably noticed the old oil was very gassy, i would think you probably have an ignition problem, meaning a cylinder or two doesn't burn the gas that is injected into the cylinder, the gas will wash down the cylinder wall into your oil and voila smells like gas, if the problem isn't dealt with the you'll have very excessive wear on the cylinder wall.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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