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my ignition lock cylinder appearently froze last night as i attempted to start it this morning(christmas day) and my key broke off in it :banghead:

i managed to excavate the whole lock cylinder and am able to start it using a screwdriver but would like to do some type of wiring with a toggle switch and push button start configuration if anyone could be of any assistance id be really greatful. i would have opted to just replace the cylinder but i tore it up pretty bad trying to just have transportation to do the whole christmas runaround thing. im not concerned with security really as the truck is in pretty rough condition but its my only transportation right now. i dont think anyone would want to steal it.

if this isnt something you would like posted on this forum i understand, anyone that could assist me can email me any suggestions if they would be so kind. thanks in advance, matt :doh:

posted by  matt

Across the rear of your motor is a wiring harness witha purple wire in it about a 10 gage wire ,it goes to the starter ,if you tap into it and run to the battery pos. post that will kick in the starter, run a hot wire to a push button and one from the button to the purple wire that will make it crankover .Now if your looking for a way to hotwire the ign, all you have to do is put power to the pink wire going to the distributor(if its HEI ) if its points power up at the coil, but you need to use a ballist resisterif it has points. good luck Slim

posted by  Slimone

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