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i searched for a thread like this but couldnt find one so im gonna ask here. im going to swap my 1988 mustang lx's 2.3l l4 with the 5.0 v8. now ive only done an engine swap once but it was with something completely different. ive been preparing a list of things i need so i can get this swap done asap. i know i need the tranny, but do i really need a different rear end or can i just swap the gears b/c i dont really want to get into brake lines. and if so will my driveshaft still work? do i need a new crossmember? i know i need a new wire harness and chip. what about the current fuel pump will it work as well? i have the radiator and instrument panel already. i will probably need new fuel lines. what am i missing?

happy new year!

posted by  crazy88

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