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Hello all,
I have a 1999 Ford Ranger 4x4 that has been sitting outside for about 5 days without driving it. We've had ice on the roads for that long. Today I drove it about 30 miles and it never warmed up. I'm assuming that I might need to replace the thermostat, but was wondering if anything else might be the cause. I'm definitely no mechanic, but can change the thermostat if need be, I just don't want to start if it might be something else, since I changed it one time before, and due to its position, had to spend a couple of hours on it.
Anything else I should look for? Thanks,Charlie

posted by  VillageIdiot

if the thermostat is stuck open, it will just take a lot longer to warm up, u say the meter doesnt even move.. usually indicates temp sensor wiring open. this is easy to test. go to temp sensor then ground it, then go in car and turn key on. look at meter. it should move past H. dont let meter stay like that or even close to it. if meter moves, sensor is bad or shitty ground. if meter dont move then u have an open wire or meter, or no power to meter.

posted by  thongsai

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