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Here's the deal...

Last winter my driver side door became frozen shut when the weather was wet then suddenly cold(like -22Celsius). Ended up breaking the lock on my door....the door opened and wouldn't shut again. Although after the car warmed up a bit, the door would magically keep closed.

This year, now that it's freezing again - the door is pulling the same crap. It won't keep closed, won't even click(if tha tmakes sense).

could it be the broken lock? a bent rod in the door? is there anything I can do without tearing the door apart?

It's just frustrating when I have to use bike straps to hold the door closed by attaching the strap to the passenger side door.

posted by  Fader06

Hi Fader06,

Welcome to winter! My 99 Chevy Prizm (Toyota Corolla twin) has the same problem. Until you find a true fix for this, my best advice is to get in the car through the passenger side, start it up, and let it run until the whole car is nicely warmed up. How long that takes may vary on how cold/damp it is there, and how long it's been since the car was last driven. Hopefully, between our two posts, someone will come up with the answer to this problem.

posted by  miki007

Hey Miki007,

Only problem with crawling through the passenger side door is, that door does the same thing! So I don't even go near the door when it comes to freezing temperatures. The only doors that wnat to open and close for me, are the rear doors which I have been crawling through lately.

all I need is to find a heated garage, and a mechanic that wouldn't mind taking a peek at my door.

posted by  Fader06

I've got a 2000 Chevy Prizm that suffers from the same problem. I, too, have been unable to find a solution other than waiting for the car to warm up. However, with temperatures holding in the single digits where I am (Mid-Hudson Valley, NY) it is actually impossible to warm up the door enough from the inside. So, I'm forced to drive around holding the door shut. The lock appears to have frozen, jammed, or broken now. No matter how forcefully I pull up on it, it won't budge. This freezing door issue seems to be a major problem for Corolla/Prizm owners, and needs to be addressed by the manufacturers.

posted by  jto2

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