92 Ford Tempo ERG valve trouble

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My 94 Temp has had several sensor problems (mass flow reg, O2 sensor)..that I have fixed and or addressed with members comments, thanks.
Ad today this problem came up today. History: 134,000 miles 94 Tempo 2.3L. Major tune up at 100,000 miles. Now when car runs around 5-6 minutes AND gets up to say 55-60 MPH..the 'Service Engine Soon' yellow light comes on and stays on. Car runs great, just the light stays on. When I turn off car, the light goes off until I get it up to around 55-60mph. (NOTE it is very cold here in Louisville this week, 0-10 deg). All fluids, oil are in good conditon. NOW I get a code reading that indicated ERG valve problems..that is the only code that came came out.

Question: What happens if I do not replace the ERG valve.?

Thanks, fanman

posted by  fanman

well in california, that would fail smog checks. u should test egr first b4 replacing, apply vacuum to egr and see if it can kill engine at idle, then check for vacuum source by flipping throttle real quick.

posted by  thongsai

since you all know somen about 94 tempo's...can you explain to me how to fix the power locks on it

posted by  nushaganazad

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