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hey everyone!
does anyone know anything about any of the following:
big wings
ITR exhaust systems
HKS super megaflow
anything would be much appreciated!

posted by  Amanda2006

You've got to be joking. And why do you need to know about these things? Do some research online at google. You're way too generic with your questions.

posted by  Godlaus

No I wasn't actually joking and I have been researching I just thought some people on here would be able to help me find more information. Read my welcome msg on the hello board if u want to know why i want to know- thanks for your helpful advice :fu:

posted by  Amanda2006

please be a little more specific with youre question's.....

posted by  99hatch

NOS = more oxygen to burn. Bottles are usually far too small.
headers = increase/decrease rarefaction. Usually one size fits all regardless of the cam characteristics and there has never been a lemon design. Guaranteed to add at least 20% torque over cast iron manifolds although an engine dyno will only show about 2%.
big wings = traction supposedly, but usually jewellery to give the impression of 20% increase in power needed to cruise the main street at night.
ITR exhaust systems = Honda exhaust system mated to camshaft. Three letter acronym adds at least 20% over a generic tuned exhaust.
HKS super megaflow = another intake pipe system with over priced stuff that gives the impression of added 20% performance because of the noise and subsequent driver lead footing through gears.

posted by  Wally


I'm perticipating in the same Mock-Trail but I'm in Waco Texas. Anyway if you need any answers on the car parts and stuff I've done research on all the parts and would be happy to send you my info just e-mai me at

Although, if my team wins and so does yours then we may have a problem in state finals.

posted by  joshw89

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