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So I have yet another problem with my little Corolla...(as I've said in my welcome message, hehe).

At least once a day, sometimes even3 times a day, my car won't start! Won't even turn a little bit, but my headlights work, and my cd player/heater.

If I have it jumped, it will start no problem. Sometimes if I leave it for a few hours it will eventually start (but sometimes I don't have a few hours to sit around and wait).

Also, my car's idle is really bad. I stop at a light, and my cd player turns off and my headlights dim until I start going again.

A guy mentioned it could be my battery(first thought) is a refurbished it a month or 2 ago. Could be a loose wire...can't be my alternator he said....definatly something to do with my battery.

Are there any other factors I should be considering, other then the battery itself? Any help would be appreciated =(

posted by  Fader06

Could be your battery cables. Is your battery light coming on? If you have a fault in your battery cables, and your battery charging system isn't performing properly, your alternator will overwork itself and burnout trying to charge a battery that has a f*ck up connection.

Next time it won't start, have someone else try to start it while you fiddle with the battery cables. If it suddenly starts to catch, then you know it's the cables.

Also, the problem may not have started with your alternator, but your alternator may be burned out now because it's trying to recharge your battery. You might want to get it checked.

Go to Autozone, they'll run a check on everything for you for free.

posted by  What

Ya....I've done the whole fiddling with the battery cables thing, does nothing. All I seem to need is a quick electric current to get it I'm going to try this portable battery jumper thing I found at Canadian Tire for 30 bucks.

All the auto shops here charge for checks :ohcrap: so I'm out of luck in that department. I guess I will just have to wait until my neigbour can sneak me into his shop for a quick peak.

Thanks for the info!! :mrgreen:

posted by  Fader06

I assume that's 30 bucks Canadian -- you should be able to buy a brand new battery for a little more than that! I'm not advocating throwing parts at your problem, it's just if you're gonna buy something to support the battery, anyway, might as well buy a brand new one.

Also, may I ask what you were doing buying a 'refurbished' battery in the first place? Guess I'm just clueless, I've never heard of this. It sounds kinda like an oxymoron to me, as any battery that has been used by definition has had some of the life sucked out of it, and you'd be much better off just getting a new one for yourself.

posted by  JaneiR36

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