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I have a fairly simple need - to get rid of rust and do a simple paint repair to the corners of my tracker where the rust is.. I need to know the process for removing the rust, doing the primer, and doing the paint. this is a 92 tracker, nothing snazzy, i just want to stop the rust.

any help?

posted by  bengt

It's a fairly simple procedure depending on how good you want the finished product to look. It may be a little harder to explain.

If you have only light surface rust sand (180 grit) it away completely. Anything left behind will continue to rust under your new paint. If the rust is heavy clean it the best you can with a wire brush then treat it. I have found POR-15 to be an excellent product for this. If you're trying to do a blend job on the paint you'll need to sand into the existing good paint to a feather edge. If you just want to block it off lay down some masking tape where you want your sanding to stop.

Once you have it cleaned, treated, sanded, etc make sure everything is clean, clean, clean. Did I mention to make sure it's clean? If you're blocking off the repair remove the old tape (sanding damage) and retape in the same place. If you're going to blend it let me know for further explanation.

Apply the primer to a clean dry surface. Two or three LIGHT coats with enough time in between to flash off. After you have your primer on allow it to dry a couple of hours. Give it a light sanding (400 grit) and you're ready for paint. Again several light coats will give you a better job than one heavy coat. Allow the paint to flash between coats. On your last coat go on a little heavier (don't goop it on) so it can flow out. Pull the tape as soon as possible so it doesn't lift the paint. There ya have it.

I forgot to mention to do all of the sanding wet. Remember the cheaper the materials you use the worse the job will look. Lastly I've done this a zillion times so I may have missed something that I take for granted. If you have any questions let me know. Good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

Thank you so much for allowing me to provide a fairly detailed explanation for you. No need to acknowledge my time or effort, the world is all about you.

posted by  vwhobo

I enjoyed it. :rolleyes: Thanks!

posted by  theman352001

To keep the rust from coming back coat the area with something like Rust Bullet. I used it on my 67 Camaro's Frame, Firewall, floor pans and around the window frame where we had to fix some rust areas.
Link Below:

Rust Bullet (

posted by  67camaros

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