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ok- here is a "more specific" question!:
what exactly is an ITR exhaust system? what does it do? why would a person fit it to their car?
i have looked on google but most of the sites are just places to buy products and do not give much basic information about it. i don't need ultra technical stuff- just the basics!!

posted by  Amanda2006

Integra Type R ?

posted by  Wally

I believe an ITR exhaust system comes from the Integra Type R...thats the only itr i can think of....i dont think u would want to put this on youre car unless u have a integra.....

posted by  99hatch

thats what im thinking....

posted by  99hatch

so basically its just an exhaust system from that type of car?

posted by  Amanda2006

Well yes and no, its an approch that honda have taken to engine and manafold design in order to maximise certain characterisitcs, such as power/torque curves reliablity and dy/dx rev rate.

Essentially joined up thinking coupling the engine varible valve timing and varibale lift of the VTEC and using the exhaust to monitor the effects and maximise it.

posted by  cinqyg

wow- thank you! that was very helpful!

posted by  Amanda2006

yes...a performance exhaust from the factory for honda/acura..

posted by  99hatch

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