My accord's glovebox is jammed!

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I grabbed a piece of gum then closed it as I normally do, never to be opened again; unless someone can help me out...
When I pull the latch to open the glovebox, it doesn't open, as though it's locked, though it is in fact not locked. I've fiddled around with the lock to no avail. I've also unscrewed the glovebox from the hinges at the bottom, but now it's just kinda hanging on by the "locked" latch which I've tryed prying and shaking and whatever.
Any thoughts, ideas, knowledge, or whatever will be helpful.

posted by  Smooth

Just and idea and it gonna be tight..But try and sneek youre hand up from under the box..theyr is two srews that hold the handel on..try and take those out and the handel should now have some play to it. it will still be stuck to the latch but maybe now you can wiggle it free..

posted by  99hatch

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