99 ford zx2 idling issue

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I have a 99 ZX2 ford with 120,000 miles. I have the computer chip read and they said the check engine light was for the PCV values replaced and fuel injectors cleaned. Then the alternator went out so I am not to impressed with there diagnosis of my cars problem. Oh it is a standard, and either hot or cold, in idle it jumps from very low rpm, car shaking low to over 1000 and so forth, when approaching a stop it like to somtimes die if I have the cluth in to long. It really like to die after I have to floor it and pass cars reving it up. I have bought 3 bottle of fuel injector cleaner and this didn't seem to help much, I will replace the PVC valve tonight, but was hoping I could get a better idea of where this is leading. I believe I did the timing belt at 60 or 70 thousand miles. I have done what I could to take care of it but I have a heavy foot and tend to speed and drive alot.

posted by  drewpers

have u replaced the spark plugs or wires? if not they might cause a ruff idle...

posted by  99hatch

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