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Hi Guys,

My girlfriend's Ford Focus has just started shaking when we reach 80 kph.
We went up north during really bad weather, but we only drove about 60 kph because of all the slush and ice on the road, there were a few times when we lost control, but gained it quickly without sliding too much.

Before we left we had some problems getting out of our parking lot, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Anyway on our way back, we weren't able to do more than 80 kph without the vehicle shaking, but not the steering wheel, it seemed as if the engine itself was shaking. I stopped to check the oil and it looked good, we just had it changed. I also put air in the tires which was low, they were at about 10 psi each. But that didn't fix the problem, I checked the wheels and they looked ok from what I could see and with what little I know.

I should also mention that we just recently had a lot of work done on the car. The rear axel was replaced because it was worn down at the joints. The other work seems unrelated, like window regulator and plate lights.

The vibration seems to be coming from the engine as I said, most of the shaking is in the dash and the floor by the pedals. But not the steering wheel or the rear seats.

I am a total n00b when it comes to car mechanics, the only thing I know that can cause that is block mounts, but the car is only a few years old. Though we do live in the north so we have a lot of snow and salt on the roads this time of year and the car was just in for an inspection.

Any help you can offer me is much appreciated, thank you.

posted by  Animus

Was the shaking happening as a set road speed, or a set engine vibration? I.e. if you put it neutral and let the rpms drop to idle at that speed, would it still shake? Or would it shake at the same engine rpm regardless of road speed?

If it was an engine mount, the same shaking would happen at the same rpm in any gear (for example, if the speed you're talking about is 3000rpm in top gear, then it should shake the same at 3000 rpm in 2nd gear if it was an engine mount or engine related, and possibly even as you rev it up in neutral, though without a load on it it may not show up).

Is it still happening even now? Are your wheels clear of snow and slush buildup? I've seen slush buildup on a wheel make it WAY out of balance, then of course it goes away when the wheel is cleared of snow and slush...

This could be a rear wheel issue, as it will shake the whole car but NOT the steering wheel. Front wheel balance issues will affect the steering wheel more than the rest of the car.

posted by  ChrisV

I see, well it doesn't shake depending on RPM. I rev'd it up in park and it didn't shake at all. It's when I get over 80 kph, it increasingly gets worse. I tried going up to 100 kph, but it just got really bad.

I can rev it up to 4000+ off the start and it doesn't shake, or if I put it into overdrive it seems fine. It seems to be speed related, wether I am coasting downhill or gunning it uphill makes no difference, it's when I go over 80 kph.

posted by  Animus

All of the snow is melted off the car now, I'll take it out on the highway and let you know if it still happens.

posted by  Animus

Hey I guess you were right, thanks a lot.

I took it out on the highway and I was able to do 150+ kph with no problems.
There was a lot of snow and slush buildup on the car when we drove back down, but we stopped at a service station and I tried to clear it out with a window scraper. I guess I didn't get it all or some of it was jammed in there good. Anyway for now it is working awesome, thanks a lot.

Any tips for modding a focus?

After that little drive I feel like playing NFS Underground.

Thanks again, now I don't have to take into a shop and get charged a shitload just to tell me there is nothing wrong with it.

posted by  Animus

jr supercharger...sp2 slim....lowering springs, rims and tint..

posted by  99hatch

what is a "jr supercharger", "sp2 slim" and "lowering springs"?

and what do they do?

posted by  Animus

jacksonville racing total power output by up to 40%...sp2 slim fits in the glove box of youre car so u can play need for speed...lowering springs lower youre ride fills the wheel well gap..

posted by  99hatch

Cool, I take it you have done this before?

The JR Supercharger costs $3000, anyway I can get it cheaper?

posted by  Animus

and they look and feel really cool until you go over a big speedbump. :doh:

posted by  Homsar

yea if u slam the car 3 inches....1.5 inches really makes a difference. no offence but somehow im guessing you dont own a lowerd car.....

posted by  99hatch

yea...i live in Canada so it was just under 3000...was that a question?..i can get it cheaper?..anyways they make pretty reliable supercharger. i picked one up for a 1.6l sohc honda...i was suprized on how much power they can produce if you know how to tune them...a littel bit of a pain to install but if u have basic mechanical skills you should be fine..

posted by  99hatch

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