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I am having a problem here guys and i need some advice.my temperature for the radiator gauge is was reading at times 260*.here are the things that i have done in the last couple of days?

1.replaced fan other fan motor was burned out
2.changed thermostat 195*
3.put mostly water in radiator due to not having anitfreeze on hand after changing thermostat.

1.when driving the fan stays running and only shuts off when i cut car off.
2.while driving the temperature hovers around 198*-215*
3.when idling temperature will reach 220-225*

I thank you guys for all the help you can give me here on this problem if their is one in your view?

posted by  mark clark

Dran the rad as soon as possible..man u cant run almost strait water in the rad it. It will and is boiling..I use a 50/50 mix of antifreez and water...having no antifreez in the rad will explaine the heat problem.youre fan dosn't turn off because it cant cool the water thats boiling insidethe cooling system. flush the rad get the correct collant and water mix. i wouldn't drive the vechile until you flush/refill it with the correct mix.....

posted by  99hatch

hey 99hatch thanks for the information man,but can you tell me were to drain it at on the radiator is their a plug or something located on the radiator to drain it and also with this year car 1996 z24 what is the driving temperature the car should be at and when idling should the temperature stay the same or if it goes up what should the temperature be?

my car now:
idling- 200*degrees
driving-200-230* degrees

posted by  mark clark

yea there is a plug its right under the rad ..take a look u cant miss it...im not sure what the idel temp should be..but usually it shouldn't move to much when idleing...depends on the vechiles condition but it sould move more than 10 degrez..like 200 and 230 way to hot....but it should be ruffly the same driving as idleing...unless its a really hot day and youre stuck in traffic or somthing ...hope this helps...

posted by  99hatch

since you installed a 195 degree thermostat the temperature should really not be able to rise over that temperature, and usually cars are gonna run a little under 200 stock. It does depend on the car and the situation also, but getting any higher than 210 is damager territory for sure. Finally why did you put mostly water into the radiator? I am just curious why that was one of your ideas for fixing the problem?

posted by  Flame Roller

sorry i didn't get back to you sooner.i am still having problems and i went ahead and parked the car for the temperature even with all those things we did is still getting hotter like it was.let me ask you guys something and that is the mechanic is saying that it has got to be the water pump is this true?

posted by  mark clark

If u have the right collant mix and the right thermostat and installed it the right way..that probably would be the problem...but make sure the thermostat's core is installed correctly before u blame the water pump...got this off the net for ya

posted by  99hatch

After car is warmed up check if the radiator and both radiator hoses are hot. If you're sure the thermostat is good then if the radiator and both top and bottom radiator hoses are not hot then either the system is clogged somewhere or the water pump needs replacing since coolant is obviously not circulating thru the hoses and radiator.

AFTER CAR COOLS DOWN, remove radiator cap and squeeze bottom radiator hose. Can you see water level quickly rising and falling in radiator? If so this means the radiator isn't clogged and the problem is probably the pump.

posted by  pshisbey

also remember to put the thermastat in right side up... i didnt on one of my cars once and it would over heat, got another thermastat(read the package directions this time ) and i had found that there was a top, fixxed my prob.

posted by  klnshavn

maybe the head gasket is damaged it causes exactly the problems you are talking about it can often be detected when you open the radiator cap and there is oil on the water but to be sure you have the dismount the head

posted by  alfagiggi

First let me point out that most of the posts in this thread contain a HUGE amount of mis-information. That being said, let's look at your after results.

1. Not so good. The two most likely culprits are an open in the coolant temperature sensor circuit (possible bad sensor) or a previous owner has the fan hotwired due to a bad relay. This will cause your new motor to burn out prematurely.

2. Yep, that's just about right.

3. Yep, that's just about right too.

Keep in mind that the factory temp guages are notorious for their inaccuracy. Second you can expect the temp to run slightly higher at stand still because the fan just can't move as much air through the radiator as outside air does while moving. From your after description you have no problem except you need to service the system with anti-freeze.

posted by  vwhobo

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