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Background: I own a 98 Chevy Silverado 4X4 ext cab. 350, with power everything and 3rd door. Truck has approx 74,000 miles and runs great. The only real beef I have with the truck is that the service engine soon light seems to go on and off for no reason (Yeah I had the o2 sensor replaced) and the fuel pump buzzes constantly (I had it replaced with a new one before I bought it)

Problem: Truck loses complete power when driving. No lights, no flashers no nothgin. After maybe 5 -10 seconds power returns. Problem is completely intermittant but seems to happen more often after long drives (30 min +)

Never had any electrical problems whatsoever until now.

The day after Christmas I had a Kenwood stereo/cd/mp3 player and 6 inh door speakers installed by Best Buy - where the stereo was purchased.
It took about 3 hrs and worked great when I got the truck back. Drove it for 2 days and the stereo would just shut off and turn back on. The stereo has a removable faceplate so I figured I didnt have it on correctly - not the problem.
Then I started noticing when it happened some of my dummy indicator light son the dash would come on.
Then I started noticing the truck completely cutting out for a split second while driving.
Then it stalled in the driveway.
Just tonight it died completely 3 times where I had to pull over to the side of the road and wait a few seconds for the power to come back.

Anyway I called Best Buy and they said they'd look at it.

I'm concerned. Could this be frying the trucks computer? Has anyone ever seen this before? It seems like a short somewhere but to kill the entire truck?

I dont know.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


posted by  Ragman

well...i can think of a few things that could be wrong...and in my opinion from the ssounds of things i think that what could be wrong is your of the cells has been damaged...or there is a bolt that was accidently removed off of your alternator...or your mp3 player takes to many watts that it is draining your alternator and battery to quickly...and im hoping that it is your battery not alternator because that is alot cheaper and a new alternator is going to cost alot...did you run a new amp or subs or anything as welll...i cant imagine a new cd player draining so much power...if you find out let me know please...good luck

posted by  nushaganazad

Thanks for your reply. IT was stupid though, I was so worried that the installer shop had done something wrong and messed up my truck. Well indeed they did something wrong...they didnt tighten down the positive battery terminal. BUt they replaced the terminal bolt with a nice shiny new one ($10 - didnt charge me)

I say it was stupid because it shouldve been something I shouldve checked. BUt it happened the night I posted and It was dark and I didnt feel like messing with it.

I was mad cause I knew it had to be something they did at the installer shop.

Thank you so much for your reply. By they way, I already replaced the alternator a few months ago. Cost me $119 but it wss a easy replacement.

posted by  Ragman

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