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Hi I'm new and I barely know anything about cars. I have a 2-door 2002 Honda Civic Ex that I recently got from my sister. When I got the car, it was already lowered 2 inches, had a carbon-fiber hood, and it had a short-ram intake. This Christmas, since my sister knew I was getting into cars, she got me a front upper strut bar. She said all I needed to do was unscrew the nuts on each side of the (strut?) under the hood and put the bar on, then screw the nuts back on. Well, when I tried to put the bar on, the intake was in the way, so I couldn't put the bar where it was supposed to go. I ended up just pushing the bar of the intake a little bit forward, and then screwing on the bar. However, this way, the bar of the intake was pushing hard against the strut bar. Now, whenever I brake, or sometimes when the road is kind of bumpy, I hear squeaking noises. Not a high-pitched squeak, but kind of like a metal-against-metal kind of sound. I thought it was the intake grinding against the strut bar, but I put a little bit of padding inbetween the two, and it still hasn't stopped. Can anyone tell me what the sound is and why it makes it when I'm braking? Sorry this was so long.

posted by  y.e.c.

I just got new brakes about a month ago, and they've been fine. But it's ok, for some reason, the noise stopped. I'm not sure how the noise stopped, but it did. Anyways, if anyone can tell me why it was making the noise, I'd still appreciate it.

posted by  y.e.c.

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