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i own a 96 saturn sc2 and i was just wondering if i could get an estimate of how much it usually costs to drop a car about 2 inches. all i would need is all the materials because my dad and i are planning on doing it ourselves. does anyone know how much it would cost to lower the suspension on my car?


posted by  SPSracing88

Generally springs that will do the job run about $200-250 for the set. But you need to know if your struts can go that far without bottoming out. If not, then you need new, shorter strut inserts to compensate for the travel. Also make sure there are no suspension travel clearance issues (shouldn't be with only a 2" drop). Personally, most 2" lowering springs I've found for various cars don't lower the car more than a half inch to an inch in reality, and make the ride harsher. I've even had lowering springs that raised the car up a half inch...

A lot of guys say you have to get a coil-over setup to lower your car, which generally will run you closer to $1000-1500, depending on the vendor. that's true if you want a racing setup that you can adjust perfectly for every track situation. Otherwise, it simply isn't.

Changing out the springs themselves on there is pretty easy. Put a jack under the center of the front crossmember, unbolt the center nut on teh top of teh strut 9not the 2-3 bolts holding the entire assembly to the strut tower). Then slowly jack the car up. As it raises, the spring will slowly expand until there is no more tension on them. You can then just angle the top of the strut ******ds and slip the completely released spring off the top. This'll take maybe 5-10 minutes per side and you don't need a spring compressor or removal of the entire strut from the car (leaving the original alignment intact)

Installation, as they say, is the reverse. With shorter springs, however, you may need to hold them in place as you re-center the strut and let the jack down.

posted by  ChrisV

thanks for the help. i'll make sure to take all of that into consideration :thumbs:

posted by  SPSracing88

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