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I have a 1990 GMC 1/2 ton truck and it has a little over 200 000 kms on it, my problem is that the transmission needs to be rebuilt, it doesn't shift into 3rd or 4th an more it shifts from 1st to 2nd but then it goes to shift to third it just slipps and the motor revs up but the truck doesn't accelerate. i checked the transmission fluid and it was good i made sure the TV cable was adjusted properly but the problem still persists. I have looked into rebuilding the transmission and found that it is very costly. My buddy has a spare transmission for his old truck which was a 4wd and a 1993 1/2 ton. my question is will this tranny work for my truck or is it a different tranny becuse its a 4wd.

thx colin

posted by  cgendre

Hi, yes they are different the tail houseing is different it's made for the transfer case to bolt up and your isn't ,unless you find a tranny man to make the changes on it, it won't work , good luck Slim

posted by  Slimone

So you can't take the tail housing of my 2wd transmission and bolt it onto the 4wd transmission?

posted by  cgendre

Hi, I have a 1977 corvette with a L82 engine that has been overhauled and now has around 450 hp.It currently has a th400 trans and were gonna swap it for a 700r4.Since the transmissions are different sizes that changes the mounting points and drive shaft lengths.I have been doing some research and have found out that gm had made a 7 3/8 inch tailshaft so that the trans will mount to the orignal spot and the drive shaft will stay the same size.does anyone have any info on were i can get this tailshaft or what car this shaft comes out of?

posted by  NoOne

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