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Hello all, just got my Montana back from the shop about a week ago after having the infamous 3.4L intake manifold replaced. Wonderful way to spend $900.87 :screwy:

Anyway, the transmission is giving me some fits. Under moderate throttle (and more) the tranny will slip (minor vibrations with no movement) in first gear and slip noticeably (shaking) going into second, sometimes going into third, the rpms will rise and it'll shift or it'll drop hard. I've replaced the fluid (Mobil fluid) and filter, probably less than 1000 miles ago b/c of the problems, I thought it was gone but lately it's acting up again. There was a fair amount of "silvery sludge" on the magnet when I dropped the pan. Fluid level is fine still, I check often and noticed bubbles in the fluid so I added some TransMedic to help with the anti-foaming. Still, no luck.

Is this a 'sensor' issue or is the torque converter screwed up or is it actually a tranny problem.

posted by  All6ofUs

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