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Any owners of a recent-model 4-cyl Accord notice what I would call noisy fuel injectors? It seems to be getting louder and louder--at times when accelerating, the car almost sounds like a diesel!

I took it to the dealer and they said that it is normal--if it is, then my ears are way too sensitive.

Anyone else notice this, or am I paranoid?

posted by  grebdnodak

did somebody tell you it was the fuel injectors? i cant think of any way that injectors would be making your car sound like a deisel, i would more tend to look towards an exhaust problem,although im not an owner so i couldnt say for sure. However, you when a dealer tells you something like that is "normal" it should raise warning flags in your head.

posted by  Homsar

My first thought was that it was lifter noise--not a sophisticated diagnosis, but a problem most car owners have learned over time. The injector thing didn't make sense to me either.

I'm only at 20K miles and I have this in their service records now so if it gets worse, I will make sure its taken care of under warranty.

posted by  grebdnodak

i guess that makes a little more sense, but it still seems kindof odd that lifters would make that much racket, although ive never really heard noisy lifters for myself.

posted by  Homsar

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