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have 91 honda prelude 2.0 , and tried to start it one morning and didnt have any juice ...had enough juice for lights to be on interior but not enough to start car thought , battery jump start but stupid me had + and - reverse and pop'd my 70a fuse under the hood....went and bought new 70a and GOT the + and - right for jump and car started no prob ....on trying to figure out if bad alternator unplug'd the - terminal and area of alternator smoke came up but car didnt stop put - terminal back on ...then took off + terminal and car started to lose power and when trying to put terminal back on car shut off ...once that happened car doesnt start just crank ...might have thought that could be ignition switch causing it not to get spark to crank on ...which ignition coil is pumping out 10.50 volts on meter but still wont work ....anyone think it might be alternator or bad alternator wouldnt have effect on car starting??


posted by  Frightin

there should not be a problem with your alternator, unless the battery is brand new. you probably just need a new battery. if the car starts with a jump and it doesnt without, you probably just need a battery. remember too, that voltage is just a measure of pressure, not of current. even if your battery has 10.5 in it, there may not be enought current to crank the car over.

posted by  Homsar

check if anything drainin ur battery first

posted by  thongsai

even with a jump car doesnt start ....might of thought it was the ignition coil cuz it seems like there is no spark to turn it over, but bought a new one and still same prob ...looking up in chilton book and gave us a probable may be the igniter terminal ....did the test it says to do in the book and seems like that could be the prob ...meter reads about same voltage during a jump from ground off battery to wiring harnest that goes to igniter terminal ...thanks for replying

posted by  Frightin

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