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Greetings, I've got a 1990 Pontiac 6000 LE with a 3.1 v6 and a/t. Recently I've been having problems with the motor. It started whith the service engine light came on. Pulled the codes and got 22 which is low voltage at the TPS. Replaced the TPS and it worked for awhile and came back to the same problem. Took it to a shop, they hooked up their mchine and told me it was either the TPS, computer, or the wiring. I replaced both the TPS and the ECM. Again it helped for awhile. Finally I went in and replaced wires for the common 5 volt reference to the TPS and the MAP sensor,( which I have also replaced), the signal wire from the TPS back to the ECM, and checked the grounds and cleaned them up. All the electrical readings come back within the specs. It's doing it again, HELP. Oh yeah all wiring connections are soldered and sealed.

posted by  stretch351c

checkfor 5 v and good ground. then probe the back of tps on signal wire back to ecm. move throttle and see it move from .5-4.5 v . then do same at signal wire at ecm to check if signal wire has high resistance.

posted by  thongsai

Sorry I should've included that also. Everything I've done checks good for awhile then it resets the same code and runs like $%^@. I 'm about ready to fix it with a match. :banghead:

posted by  stretch351c

I just managed to get both brain cells going the same way and had an idea. Could the chip in my ECM be bad? When you buy a new ECM for these things you transfer your old chip to a new box so maybe thats the problem. Any thoughts one way or the other? Thanks :doh:

posted by  stretch351c

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