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so hello,have a 93 NIssan Altima. 88,ooo miles.
I have changed the fuel filter, batery, terminals,Valve cover gasket, plugs,wires,cap,rotor. and the car wont start.
Previously the car would shutter and chug. so i changed cap and rotor, plugs and wires. prob solved.
later car wouldnt start. checked baterry it was bad: changed batery and terminals. prob solved.
Valve cover leaking into plug tubes, and the car wouldnt start:changed valve cover gasket, and fuel filter for kicks: car still wont start. tested coil, starter,voltage at terminals.
Thinking its my distributor, maybee has oil in it. how would i know this is the prob?
Car turns over but acts like miss fire, or not al plugs are sparking when rolling over..... :banghead: :cussing:

posted by  klnshavn

Well thanx to the great guys at my local Midas;Boss man Ron put Mike on my car for about 7 hours to go through all the stuff i had done to get to the same conclusion i had made.. "the distributor". :banghead:
well we pulled and tested and tested and tested. Missans have an optical sensor in them, if the littlest bit of oil gets in it your screwed!
so we pulled the cap and rotor.
and i chickened out when it came to opening the cover plate on the rotor so i let them do it. and low and behold it was full of oil. Drained it, cleaned it, slapped it back on and it started right up. when to scmucks and picked up a distributor for a cool 150 after a 100 core. put it on, checked the timing, and they only charged me for an hour of work cause they had to hook up the computer to set the timing!!! so all that for less than $250....
Thanks guys at Midas!! :thumbs: :thumbs:

posted by  klnshavn

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