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Hi, I have a problem with my car and wondered if anybody could help me.

My 'M' reg Ford Fiesta 1.1 LX ,60,000 miles (uk) has no acceleration in 5th gear. It loses power on even slight inclines in any gear above 3rd. Due to this problem, it is impossible to reach more than 70mph unless going down a hill. Is this fixable via an engine tuning, or is this a more serious problem?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

posted by  Pikaviz

I wouldnt think youwould expect much acelaration from a 1.1. but check the basic things first and get back to us.

posted by  cinqyg

Thanks you for your reply!

Although the fact I get no acceleration is not THAT much of a problem, (as you say, I don't excpect much from a 1.1!) I used to be able to accelerate to about 90mph in 5th gear, and this acceleration problem is only a recent occurence.

Also, it might be helpful to mention that occasionally I Do get acceleration in 5th gear, however after dropping down a gear, upon changing back in to 5th, that acceleration has gone, and I am left with a 5th gear which can only be used to maintain my speed.

Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

posted by  Pikaviz

does engine temp have any effect on it?

Have you done a compression test?

have you checked the plugs?

have you checked the high tension loop?

when was the clutch last replaced?

posted by  cinqyg

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