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check engine light stays on until you hear the fuel pump kicks in, then the light goes off, then you can start. Problem is, this takes from 5 minutes to sometimes 5 hours! for the pump to kick in. Suggestions?

posted by  George Pang

okay.. there is a fuel pump relay,fuse under the hood in a black box, replace it, thats the cheap part. if notyou got an extra for for bucks and you may need it for the rest of this.
if all is good there after pump kicks on check the ignition wire that leads to it. it could mbe grounding or it could be the switch.if not and all is good.remove your back seat. Hint there is a 10 mil. bolt in the back of the butt rest. in the middle. between the top cushion and the bottom.
Take that out and your fuel pump acess is under it.
Test away test away test away
at this pooint he pumpp could be bad or the wire leading to it is grounding

posted by  klnshavn

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